Sunday, March 13, 2011

Candies are bad for your teeth. Try Something sweeter.

Dear Diary,

I just had a date!

It was supposed to be a lazy day in my pajamas, no scheduled classes today. The original plan was to watch TV, sleep, eat a little, read a book, and procrastinate in general. I found out how boring I was so I decided to go out a do a little grocery shopping, until I received a text.

Movie at 4pm. See you! I know you don't have a choice. LOL!

It was from Karl.

We've been constantly texting and meeting for the past few weeks. Before our texts would consist of usual friendly stuff like "Let's go out!" "This subject sucks" "What's for lunch at the canteen?" until it became "Did you eat already?" "How was your day?" "How have you been?"

Its somewhat got a little sweeter than the normal boy buddies.

I havent really had any confirmation that Kurt is (I'd have to learn to be more comfortable with this word...) gay. He's still a big mystery to me.

Until this faithful day, everything between us changed.

Whenever we meet up, he seemed so excited to see me. He was wearing this body fitting plain shirt that shows off his nice physique, comfortable pants and shoes. He really looked cute today. I quickly shaked my head hoping that he didn't notice. I shouldn't be feeling this way towards him, I mean I don't want to jeapordize my friendship with him. As much as it hurts to say, he's the only friend that I have now and I don't want to risk that with a silly little crush on him.

But when he looked at me, it felt like there was he was going to say something to me and it will just take a few moments for him to fire them away.

We decided go to a mall in the heart of Makati. We agreed to eat first since I haven't had any lunch and ate at this Thai restaurant with a very calming ambiance. It was a weekday so most likely at this time of day there were just a few people dining at the place. It was a nice afternoon setting, just outside you'd see the warm sun, there are plants bursting everywhere, you'd see a couple of people walking probably deciding where to go, or busy employees making a run for a fast lunch, or independent woman you might see in society magazines roaming around in their version of what I call "a park of fashion fruits". It was a perfect lunch date.

Then I snapped out of reality, I suddenly felt lost of word. Are we in a date?! I panicked a little, and what's worst is that he's noticing the sudden awkwardness with the silence treatment he's starting to get from me.

"Is there something wrong? You don't seem comfortable." he asked.

"Huh?" I quickly replied. "I'm just thinking about some stuff." trying to poorly get out of the sudden confrontation.

"Thinking of what?" he sincirely asked. "I'd like to know what you're thinking, it might instrest me. I wanna know more about you."

He said it naturally, efforlessly and in a good sense impulsively.

It caught me a little bit off gaurd.

"What do you mean?" I finally asked.

"Didn't you notice? Why would I wan't to go out with you almost everyday? We've been sort of dating for a while now and you still seem to not get it. You're so cute." he said all that unbelievably with a smile after.

I mentally opened my mouth with disbelief but didn't actually do it for it may ruin the moment. In someway, it felt good. On top of that, I felt my face turn red. I was starting to look like a fool.

Until I mustered up all my courage and said. "You mean we've been dating and didn't even at least try to inform me? Nice strategy you've got there."

We both laughed after.

"I really like you Kent. And its true that I'd want to know you more."

This would be the first time a guy confessed to me that he likes me. And to be honest I don't know how to react and say.

"I like you too." I finally said and then I quickly realized how foolish I was to give off myself just like that. But then I have no regrets.

He smiled at me, with a smile I have never seen before from him.

We watched a movie after and for another first time in my life, I felt his hand on mine. We held hands and didn't care if our hands get sweaty or if people might see us.

It felt just like how Harry Potter first realized that he can weild a wand and do magic. It was an amazing feeling, I imagined there's a paradise of butterflies and rainbows growing in my stomach, I never really felt something like it.

And finally when he took me home (its now legal to say that he took me home, rather that he just walked with me home when I thought we we're just friends.), he brushed my hair like a little boy, laughed a bit and whispered. "I really had a great time. Lets do this again more often."

I wondered, did I just get a second date?... Wait this is more than the second time we dated each other. I mentally giggled at myself like a little girl.

We said our goodbyes and when I went back home, I went staright to my bed and my mind freely went back to just what happened.

I wasn't able to sleep until 3am, I missed a morning class the next day.

Note to Self: If there's something that makes you happy, don't think that reality will bite and it will go away soon. You'll miss the fun in that.

Wishing more blissful happiness,


  1. Nice! I remember that feeling. It felt great. Goodluck to you guys!

  2. i like the note and it's true. i this your first time? good luck sa inyo, hope for the best...

  3. I giggle for you. Stay happy, mate.

  4. Nice! Interesting :) Hintayin ko next post mo.

  5. You know what? to be honest, I didn't read a lot of bloggs to someone else, I loved to read mine most of the time,. but with you, i just finished reading it..

    I smiled and grabbed my mug with coffe and thought of something...YOU HAVE YOUR PARADISE now, I just loved your THOUGHts.... it's cute and realistic..

    now i follow you..

    Its awesome

  6. twee-tums, hahahaha, it brings back my early romances,grins!